Make Upto $100 Per Day With WhatsApp Without Spending Any Thing!

Start using your phone and WhatsApp groups to earn money daily… Earn up to $100 per day without any investment.

The Little Secret

Our Sister Company called Content Across Media has launched its new initiative; where she rewards people for sharing clients’ content across WhatsApp groups. YOU WILL NEVER BE ASKED FOR ANY MONEY, THE COMPANY PAYS YOU!

More WhatsApp groups, more earnings!

All you do is forward stuff to WhatsApp groups and get paid!

You choose what to forward and what not to forward.

There is always something to forward to groups every day.

They payout daily, once you hit 500frs or more. They pay you through Cameroon momo (sending charges on them)

For those out of Cameroon, They pay through PayPal once you hit 3000CFA (charges on you) – you can equally exchange your earnings for one of their services( Youtube subscribers and views growth, Facebook post and page boosting, and many others)

Terms and conditions apply…

  1. No spamming… You won’t get paid and will be removed from the program if you are found cheating!
  2. Your groups must be active, having 100 members and more!
  3. After forwarding, you are required to do a screen record or screenshot and send it as proof of work
  4.  Before forwarding a particular content, you must share it on your Facebook wall, which will be tracked by a given hashtag and you must share on your Facebook story and WhatsApp Status to be eligible to earn from forwarding to groups!
  5. They pay as low as 10CFA per group because they believe one user can be in several Whatsapp groups or those in the program belong to the same groups…
  6. You can always leave the program by leaving their group.

Pay: 10frs per WhatsApp group (imagine if u can forward to 100 groups in 1 day; that will be an income of 1000frs!)

The good news is you can forward the same content to the same groups the next day to earn double… Meaning if you have 1000 groups and forward a single content once every day for 2 days to the same 100 groups, you earn 2000frs.

Now, imagine you do this for 5 contents in two days. That will be 5×2000= 10,000frs earned in two days! How cool?

More content forwarded, more groups, more earnings!!!

Join the group now and start earning…


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